“It’s That Time Of Year Again” by Gavin De Acosta

April 17, 2019.

The time of the school year is once again approaching when dreaded tests are being put out. Namely finals. Yes, the students of Palmetto Ridge are faced with finals, FSA’s, SAT’s, and every other tests they acquire from all their classes. With so many students in the Ridge a general consensus of how we as a school feel about these tests is impossible, but some students do have some strong opinions.

Some students are more scared while some are more confident. “I was more worried at the beginning of the year, but now I feel like I know enough that I can pass just fine.” Said Talon Hamm when asked about the subject. This shows the side of students that are content and confident with the upcoming tests in May. Most likely there are many students who feel this way, but also those who don’t.

“I’m pretty anxious but it’s like that every year, it’s part of the testing season we have every year after all,” said Jayde Walsh in response. This shows the alternative of students having a hard time not being nervous about the tests due to the sheer importance of them. Some people don’t know how to feel.

Ethan Franklin responded with “I don’t really know how to feel about them, they’re kind of intense in a way, but they don’t scare me either. I think all will generally be fine.” This shows that some students just do not sweat the small stuff and save the rest for when they get to it.

So, obviously, there are mixed opinions on just how these tests are making the Ridge students feel. But, one thing’s for certain, when May comes and brings the tests with it, all of us, as students will be ready!