“Grad Bash” by Ciarra Lloyd

April 17, 2019.

Seniors are getting anxious and excited for graduation. Besides Prom, many seniors are looking forward to Grad Bash. The event is taking place on April 5th after school. Some teachers and administrators will be accompanying certain groups of students.

There was a mandatory meeting in the auditorium on Wednesday during lunch. The meeting was held by Mr. Brickzin and Ms. Smith. The students are set to leave the campus around 2:30 and arrive at the park at 6:30. Everyone is expected to be responsible for themselves as well as having fun. I as well as many other seniors, are looking forward to going on all the fun rides, seeing the attractions and shows with friends.

There is about 3 buses with about 40 students per bus. Many other schools in Florida accompanied Palmetto on the trip and chaperones were able to use a fast pass to skip the lines and ride the rides earlier. Students were allowed to do as they please after they receive an armband and a Universal Studios ticket to use around the park. Students were allowed to migrate from Universal Studios to Island of Adventure.

Universal Studios were having memorabilia for students to keep. The park was having a deal for students to buy a cup for the price of $6.99 for free refills around both parks. There were also t-shirts being sold near the Simpson’s part of the park. If seniors did not want to go on any rides, there was also a special guest appearance from DJ Nasty.

This trip was unforgettable for many seniors and will be one of the most memorable parts of their last year in high school before they walk the stage.