“April (Fool’s) Edition” by The Sleuth

April 16, 2019.


Howdy Y’all!

The school year may already feel like it’s winding down, but in reality, things are heating up at “The Ridge!”

This month’s edition covers everything from Grad Bash to the recently released first ever photograph of a black hole!  Oh yeah, we may have thrown in a few “April Fool’s” articles just for kicks.

DISCLAIMER:  Look for the April Fool’s warnings at the beginning and end of articles, as not to confuse our real news with the fake stuff (you might be surprised).

PRHS, we are reminding you to keep track of all your activities, both in and out of school.  We have just 1 more edition to wrap up another great year in MAY.  If you think your story is newsworthy, send it our way!

Peace out,

The Sleuth Staff