“New Season, New Sports” by Connor Stillwell

March 22, 2019.

The spring season arrives with many sports starting their new schedules. These sports include: baseball, softball, tennis, lacrosse, and track and field. After the wrap up of winter sports, there is a lot of excitement for the new seasons of these sports.

All Palmetto Ridge spring teams have either started their season or starting soon. All teams have a fresh start no matter how good or bad they were the previous year. There is something for each team to be excited about as they prepare to hopefully have a very successful season.

One popular spring sport at the Ridge is lacrosse. There is a boys and girls’ lacrosse team for both Varsity and JV. Their season has just recently started with still a long way to go. Many people tried out for the team with only the best of the best making it. The head coach of the boy’s team is Paul Swartz and the head coach of the girl’s team is Coach John Pratt. A player on the JV team that wants to remain anonymous stated, “So far the JV team hasn’t won a game yet, but we are still getting better and are fighting as hard a s we can each game”. The lacrosse field and the games are on the football field.

Another popular sport within our school is the baseball team. The Sleuth recently wrote an article going more in depth about the team. The head coach of the team is Kyle Mason. So far, they have been off to a shaky start losing their first two games but are showing some promise. They played hard during both games but ended up losing. A player on the JV baseball team, Diego Ramos stated, “We have had a decent start with a 1-3 record, we have done better each game finally winning our last game we played against Lehigh. With our start and skill-level, I expect us to finish the season with a winning record and have a very successful season”. The baseball fields are in the back of the school near the football practice field and right next to the softball fields.

Stillwell 2

Another spring sport within our school is track and field also open to both boys and girls. The head coach of the team is coach Macks Dillon. They have had a few track meets so far already this season. The track is around the football field.

Another sport that has known to be successful is softball. They had a good start starting off the season with two wins beating Cypress Lake and Barron Collier. The head coach of the team is Chad DeSear. The softball field, like the baseball field is in the back of the school near the baseball field.

The final spring sport is tennis, which only has a girls’ team. The head coach of the team is Robert Scallan. They have had a couple matches so far including one against Barron Collier. The tennis courts are right next to the outside basketball courts and the JROTC field.

These are the final season of sports to end off a great 2018-2019 school year. All of these teams and players will put everything on the line to try to make themselves and their teams as successful as possible. Hopefully they all have a very optimistic and successful season. From baseball to tennis, from JV to Varsity, all sports at our school are important.