“March 2019 Edition” by The Sleuth

Top o’ the morning to ya, laddies!

At The Sleuth we know just how lucky we are to have you as a family, Palmetto Ridge!  So, this month we wanted to show our appreciation for all of you as we highlight various clubs and activities that are offered here at the school!

You are what makes PRHS so special and it is important to us that everyone else knows what happens around this school on a daily and weekly basis.  Many of you participate in clubs and organizations that no one ever seems to hear about.

We are your voice, Palmetto Ridge!  Don’t feel left out!  If you want us to feature you or someone you know, come see us in room 508!  Your story may just be the pot of gold that we are looking for!

Slán, for now,

The Sleuth Staff