“Key Club” by Abigail Gutierrez

March 22, 2019.

In 1925, in Sacramento, California, Key Club was formed. Key club is America’s longest running junior volunteer club. Here at Palmetto Ridge, we are lucky to have Key Club available to us. Students can achieve volunteer hours for high school requirements and scholarships. 

 Key Club is a studentled organization. Members are guided by fellow leaders and peers. Key Club International trains district governors and international board members. Key Clubs are founded in high schools and have officers representing each chapter. 

 Palmetto Ridge High School is proud to have Key Club as an extracurricularThe PRHS clubs sponsor is Mrs Emerine.  We asked Mrs. Emerine about her overall opinion on Key Club: 


The Sleuth: “Why do you believe Key Club is important? 

 Mrs. Emerine“I value helping the community and people in need.” 

 The Sleuth: “What are the benefits in being in Key Club?

Mrs. Emerine“Meeting people with similar interests, being an active memeber in the community, and receiving recognized voulnteer hours.” 

 The Sleuth: “What interested you about Key Club? 

 Mrs. Emerine“That it allowed young people to give back. 


Key Club is something worth joining. One can be part of their community and learn leadership skills. Furthermore, Key Club is something worth joining next school year.