“Inside the C.O.R.E.” by Kiera Kavaky

March 22nd, 2019.

When the school program “C.O.R.E” comes to mind, people generally think of things like D.A.R.E, and staying drug free. However, this club is much more than simply learning about and staying “drug free.” C.O.R.E., or Character Outlook Responsibility Excellence, is a club that according to Julia Chylinski ‘19, “is to promote healthy living, and keeping your mind and body healthy.”

The club itself is sponsored by Drug Free Collier, and it meets the first Thursday of every month. During a typical meeting, two advisors come in to discuss topics on how to stay on the correct path in life through a variety of subjects. Subjects include accepting life challenges and teaching students how to self- prepare for life’s difficulties. The organization strongly supports personal health and staying smart.

Lessons about how to prevent and stop bullying are important aspects to the club, along with managing stress in challenging and troublesome situations.

At the end of each meeting, the students use sticky notes to set personal goals as well.

The club worked with NHS to clean the local canals. They attend events such as hockey games, marathons, and trips to Sun N Fun. Rather than focusing on just helping others, the group’s main goal is to help improve the members, themselves. The kids are rewarded with pool parties and chances to go out, have fun, and grow as people.