“Art Club” by Ciarra Lloyd

March 22, 2019.

Palmetto Ridge has many clubs that sparks the interest of many students. One of those clubs is Art Club. Mrs. Wisniewski is the founder of the art club and encourages students who wish to learn to draw or are already artists to join.  

The club meets every Tuesday during lunch in room 537. Students are allowed to come either to finish artwork/homework or discuss new ideas for events. Aside, from doing artwork at school the art club has had colleges and other art organizations come on campus.  

 Aside from the artwork seen in classrooms, offices, and in the media center, many works of art are displayed around the school. Murals near the band room and the cafeteria are popular areas around campus which are looked at by many students. 

Mrs. Wisniewski wishes for the art club to expand and participate in many other projects so the talented members of the club can display their artwork among students as well as having opportunities for art scholarships and awards for future benefits.  

Along with Mrs. Wisniewski other art teachers at Palmetto Ridge help those talented young artists get the recognition needed for their talented skills and craftsmanship.