“Animation Club” by Daniel Vargas

March 22, 2019.

Creativity is one thing everyone possesses and has in common. How people use it is a different case, however. Some express their creativity with art, paintings, drawings. Although the art can vary, there is one thing that involves creative thinking, from painting to drawing to sketching, animation is one thing that helps expand creativity.

Animation is one thing that takes skill, patience, experience, and one thing for sure, creativity. Here at Palmetto Ridge, animation is quite popular among the students. It is popular enough that Palmetto Ridge students insisted on establishing an Animation Club.

Mr. Wilson is a digital design teacher that works here at Palmetto Ridge, not only is he a teacher, but he is also a mentor, and he pushes students to improve, constantly. Mr. Wilson founded Palmetto Ridge’s Animation Club to help students focus on animating and help future animators to focus on their paths in the future.

The Sleuth interviewed Mr. Wilson on general questions on what the animation club is and what purpose does it serve.

The Sleuth:  What inspired you to make this club?

Mr. Wilson: “Not everyone who wants to learn about animation has either the time or ability to take one of the classes either their schedules are full or whatever the reason, so I opened this club up to give everyone a chance to either, if you’re in one of my classes to come and learn more or if you’re not in one of my classes to come and at least become more involved in the world of animation.”

The Sleuth: Is there any specific type of software you use for this club?   

Mr. Wilson: “There’s a company called Toon Boom we use for animating, we use Harmony and Story Board Pro, as for the upper level kids that are in animation 2, 3, 4 we use a program called MAYA.”

The Sleuth: Do club members get the ability to do what they want or are there specific assignments they have to complete in this club?

Mr. Wilson: “there are no assignments, you come in, pick a project and if needed you ask for help and I can do the best of my ability to help figure out what needs to be done.”          

The Sleuth: what do students get out of being in this club?

Mr. Wilson: “They out of the heat during lunch, they get out of the weather during the cold, I’m mostly kidding, animators tend to be a very lonely bunch, and the idea of they can come and gather around the like minded people is a real big benefit, yes the extra time for their projects is cool but here they actually come out of their shells a little bit and it helps them out.”

As you can see, the community of animators established here at Palmetto Ridge can be very driven. Everyone has a sense of creativity, but its how one uses it, is what really counts.

I then tried to do a little sketching myself to see how good I was at drawing:

Vargas_Animation Club

As you can see, with a little time, motivation, and not to mention skill I drew this master piece.

If I can do that, so can you–come check out Palmetto Ridge’s very own Animation Club ,especially if you are artistically inclined and considering a future in the industry.