“Trash” by Abigail Gutierrez and Kayla Mendez

February 26, 2019.

A growing problem at Palmetto Ridge, and earth, in general, is the amount of trash being produced. Climate change is taking a big toll on many lives in ecosystem. It is surprising how much of our own school affects and reflects the quality of our planet and our lives. 

 It is a disgrace that some of our peers leave a pigsty every afternoon during lunch. Tables are filled with Styrofoam plates and food is constantly being wasted. Furthermore, students should consider our custodians who are left to clean after their deplorable mess. If students can’t even pick up their own trash, imagine the rest of mankind with Mother Earth. 

 As a school Palmetto Ridge creates an unimaginable amount of waste from plastic to food to soda cans garbage is being produced on campus. One piece of trash every day by hundreds of people adds up quickly. Trash is constantly thrown into the ocean every minute. 

 According, to Rubicon Global (www.rubiconglobal.com), there are over 2000 landfills in the US. The US recycling rate is around 34.5%, and we Bears should act and help contribute again to fight against the accumulation of trash. 11,000,000 tons of trash is accumulated, and we keep adding to the heap. 

 In conclusion, one should be more aware of the individual trash one is creating and as a community, we should work on bettering the earth. We should recycle and reduce waste. The earth should be cherished by both our school and our community.