Europe Trip 2021 – By Kyndall Ortiz

February 25, 2019.

This spring break (March 7th – 11th), a number of students, their families, and staff are traveling together to Europe.  They will head first to Rome, then tour other parts of Italy, including Assisi, Florence, and Pisa.  The end of the trip rounds up in Spain, with visits to Barcelona and Madrid.  If you are feeling left out, or like this is something you might want to do in the future, there is already another trip in the works through travel company, Education First. 

Education First is a travelling company that lets students to experience European history. It’s a great travelling experience for students and parents-alike.

“Students return home inspired, confident and more connected to the world around them,” according to EF Tours website (source: Travelling opens your mind and makes you aware outside of your realm.

The places that the EF will be travelling to is: France, Germany & the Alps. In France, the tourists will travel to Paris and visit the most well-known attractions, such as, Notre Dame Cathedral, Place de la Concorde, Eiffel Tower and etc. In Germany, the tourists will take a tour of Munich, Olympic Stadium; Residenz; Marienplatz, then travel to a memorial museum Nazi concentration camp. In Switzerland, the tourists will travel to historic buildings and monuments. In Liechtenstein, the tourists will travel to Neuchwanstein and visit Neuchwanstein Castle. 
The trip is for 8 days and on the ninth day the tourists depart for home. There’s an option for a 2-day tour extension; which lets the tourists to travel to Vienna, then depart home on day 11.

The trip will include:
• Round-trip Flights
• Full-time Tour Director
• Hotel rooms with private bathrooms
• Breakfast & dinner (lunch is not included)
• Entrance to the attractions
• Comfortable motor coach

“I signed up for the trip because it gave me the opportunity to learn about different cultures and step outside of my comfort zone by travelling outside of the country on my own,” Elliot G. (21′).
This is an opportunity that let’s students to experience different cultures and gain a new perspective of how other people live. It’s a one of a lifetime trip that will let students to be more independent and learn the historic and modern way of life in Europe.