“Cupid” by Katelyn Johnson

February 25, 2019.

When you think of Valentine’s day, your thought probably goes to Cupid. Cupid was first created as a Greek god, known as Eros, before being adapted into the Roman god that is Cupid. Cupid in the Roman adaptation is the god of desire, erotic love, attraction, and affection. He is the son of Venus, the goddess of love, and Mercury, the winged messenger. 

 Today, we see Cupid as a little infant that flies around with his little wings, but in reality he has had many different forms and stories. In both Greek and Roman mythology, Cupid is seen as a young, slender, winged boy. Hard to believe right?  We also know cupid for his bow and signature arrows. Instead of having just one set of arrows however, he has two. One set is full of barbed gold tips, used for making people fall in love, while the second set is made of silver or led which is used to make people fall out of love, or makes someone hate another person. 

 Cupid is viewed as an important Valentine’s Day symbol. Because he is the god of love, he is really popular on cards and decorations for the holiday. However there are people who view otherwise, such as Madeline Deangelo (a freshman). “He is just a baby who flies around and shoots people with love arrows, so I don’t see the big deal.” She said. 

 Cupid can sometimes be deemed as mischievous or even childish. But, sometimes he can prove some great life lessons. In one story, Apollo learned the hard truth about love, thanks to Cupid that is. After bragging about himself, Cupid hits Apollo with one of his golden arrows. Cupid then shoots a lead arrow at Daphne, who just happened to be around at the time, causing Apollo to fall madly in love with her, but Daphne felt nothing towards him. Daphne got so fed up with Apollo she went to her father for help. Her father agreed, and turned her into a beautiful Laurel tree. Apollo was heartbroken, but he still loved the tree, so he vowed to adorn laurels after his victories. 

 In many stories, Cupid falls in love with a girl named Psyche. However, all the stories very in some way. In one story, Venus has envy over Psyche’s beauty and sends Cupid off to kill her. Instead, Cupid falls in love with her, and comes back to her at night. He had one rule to these visits however. Psyche could never see his face. Curiosity took over Psyche and she caught a glimpse of Cupid, causing him to flee in anger. Psyche who was looking for him asked Venus for help. Venus gave Psyche a series of task to complete, which she completed. For the last task, she had to take a box to the underworld and collect some beauty from the queen on the underworld, given the rule to not look in the box. However, she opens the box and is cursed with eternal slumber. Cupid, who still loved her very much, took her to Jupiter to see if he could help, in which he did, while also giving her immortality and making her a goddess. Cupid and Psyche were then said to live happily ever after, and have a daughter in which they named Voluptas, or Pleasure. 

 Overall, Cupid isn’t the little baby we all thought. Even so, he is still a very important part of Valentine’s Day for everyone. Who knows, maybe you might get hit with one of his arrows, but if you don’t, celebrate being single, and keep believing that there is a person out there made specially for you.